Business Intelligence

Create customizable, customized reports and charts

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Optimize intelligence in your business decisions with Analytical Dashboards

Over 60 objects for you to create your dashboards and reports

More freedom to use creativity and explore your business in depth

Create your own applications just by parameterizing without having to develop anything

Best cost-benefit platform on the market

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Reduce costs not hiring expensive and complex consulting companies

We create technologies to accelerate the advancement of your business to the digital world.

Best value in the market, paid as a service

No local infrastructure required It's 100% Cloud

No purchase required, minimizing risk with expensive and complex solution purchases.

Use it yourself without help from IT. Build analytical dashboards at any time.

Flexibility, no obligation to stay or penalty for cancellation.

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Analytical Intelligence

Turn data into information and intelligence applied to your business

Integrated Analyzes

Report / Summarize

Compare / Design

Flag / Alert

Facilitate Decision
Making Processes

Anticipate Gain
and Losses

and Track

Measure Performance
and Optimize

Expand the scope of your business analytics

BI has Tablet and Smartphone versions, which allow users to navigate and consult their applications via mobile, in real time, in any browser and on platforms such as Android, iOS and MS Windows.

Key navigation features are supported such as changing Portals, Dashboards, Drill Down and Drill Through, maximizing analytic objects, and so on.

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Innovative and easy to use product

Use BI to replace existing portals with significant savings.

Also use as Sandbox or Agile BI and for public portals and cost-effective operational performance.

Many IT Features and Benefits

BI can complete your BI legacy as well as replace current analytical dashboards with a fraction of the cost of maintenance.
It can be used on public, internal and external portals for a large number of users and for Customers, Suppliers, Investors as well as internal users of operational applications, with great cost and performance. New uses of Cloud Analytics by the IT department.

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Customizable Templates

Use customizable templates or application templates to get results immediately with BI.

You can also create your own templates to use immediately in your organization or distribute them to your clients, if you are a partner or consultant.

The BI store offers free templates and has a private section for selective template distribution, as well as a public session for you to place your templates for public access.

Agile and Analytical Analytics

Make files available to your users so they can develop their urgent applications, easily, quickly and efficiently.

Ready-made Models

Accelerate deployment and analytical deployment.
Use ready-made models to distribute applications to your customers and users.

Available Models at BI store.

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Analytical Sandbox

We create technologies to accelerate your business advancement to the digital world

Join thousands of companies being impacted by the Bememo platform in over 50 countries.

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